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...visual help for staff & visitors

In many facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, cosmetic studios, but also in the food or pharmaceutical industry, protection and hygiene at the workplace play a major role. 

A colour-coded system in form of differently coloured disposable protective clothing can be used to support this when deployed purposefully. Use different colours to mark special hygiene areas or departments. Pink is a striking colour that is particularly suitable for hygiene-intensive areas.

Colour-coded systems make life much easier for staff and visitors. Colour-coded areas can be identified quickly and easily, making it easier for staff and visitors to find their way around.



...positive effect on customers & patients

Did you know that people with dementia often instinctively reject or even refuse being touched with white or blue gloves? Instead they prefer touches with transparent or pink gloves. This was the result of a recent study by BlfadA and has a very specific reason:

Each colour has a special effect on our psyche and our body. Pink has a calming, refreshing and soothing effect and reduces anxiety and aggression. This knowledge can also be deployed purposefully in the workplace. Disposable protective clothing in pink automatically has a positive and sympathetic effect on customers and patients.




...stand out from the competition

Disposable protective clothing such as gloves, caps and face masks are used in a wide variety of sectors and work areas. It is used in all doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories, the food industry, the beauty and cosmetics sector and many other places. There these products are usually blue, green or white and the facilities and carriers look all the same.

Disposable protective clothing in pink brings colour into everyday working life and allows a colour contrast. Why not change and redesign the doctor's office, the cosmetics studio or the department and equip it in a pleasant and refreshing colour? & hygiene at the workplace

Of course, our care&serve® articles in pink offer the proven care&serve® protection and ensure hygiene at the workplace. They protect both the wearer and the customer/patient from contamination and/or physical or chemical influences within the scope of the respective suitability. 


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