1952 until today


In May 1952, businessman Wilfried Rosbach founds the company WIROS Wilfried Rosbach by entering it in the Krefeld Commercial Register.

The business is based on the distribution of consumables for the operation of looms in the domestic and Western European textile industry. For nearly three decades, the mainstay of the company is the exclusive distribution of safety straps and picker bands made of a special material produced in Germany, as well as the supply of possum fur from Tasmania


The uptake of production outsourcing to Asia, as well as technical innovations, lead to the decline of the European textile industry. Within just a few years, the need to adapt to these new conditions becomes dramatically and unavoidably apparent. 

During this difficult time, Wilfried Rosbach begins an intensive search for other fields of activity. Through his contacts, he becomes aware of the emerging market in disposable medical products.

Even at this point, the procurement markets are mostly in Asia.

In the belief that the disposable products sector is going to enjoy a bright future, Wilfried Rosbach ventures into the import trade and begins building sales to wholesalers and retailers, both in Germany and abroad.

1981 - 1982

The company is renamed WIROS Wilfried Rosbach GmbH. Its trade in the field of disposable products for the medical industry expands.

Regular visits to Asia strengthen supplier relationships from the outset.


In 1993, management of the company transfers to the second generation.

In the following years, the product range is extended to address the need for disposable products in other sectors, and more attention is placed on export markets.

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Half a century of WIROS

Successful business development necessitates the expansion of the company’s storage capacity, as well as a more professional handling of logistics. Since 2009, warehouse logistics has been in the reliable hands of our partner Kreykamp, based in Nettetal. 


The purchase of modern office space in Willich in 2011, as well as the increased number of employees, signals the company’s continued positive development. This is the foundation upon which the future development of the business will be successfully managed, in co-operation with and for the benefit of our customers.